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06.02.2012 - 40 years of manufacturer competence – Special conditions for GEDORE pliers

GEDORE AUSTRIA was set up in Birkfeld/Steiermark in 1972 and for over 40 years has established itself on the global market as the GEDORE Group pliers specialist.
The extensive range involves top steel qualities, the very latest machines and environmentally compatible production processes. GEDORE tool experts guarantee precision-like processing and constant refinements. Stringent quality checks after each production step ensure a consistently high level.
As of now in this 2012 jubilee year, the following plier types are available at the special price:

The 240 mm (10") 142 Universal Pliers have the soft-touch press button and, as such, can be adjusted with just one hand into 15 different sizes. They are available with the dip-insulated or 2-component grip.

The geometrically optimized head and handle of the 8380 Tower Pincer makes accessing easy – even in tight spots. It is available in the 250 and 280 mm sizes.

The 8381 Pincer with dip-insulated grips is highly suitable for pulling out nails, clips and the like.

Grip Wrench 137 has a special jaw shape for secure gripping, clamping and holding. It is available in the 185 and 230 mm (7" and 10") sizes.

On account of their stainless steel head, Cable Shears 8095 are suitable for precision cutting work.

Even under the toughest of demands, the angled 8248 Combination Pliers ensure optimum utilisation of hand power and an unobstructed view of the workpiece. This comes about from the 60°-angled pliers head. At the same time, diagonal teeth heighten plier grip on screws and pipes.

Thanks to the flat-round jaws, all-round talent Multiple Pliers 8133 can undertake holding, cutting, insulation wire stripping, crimping and squeezing work.

"Power Pliers" is the name of the GEDORE Power Pliers range. Power Side Cutter 8316 has a good lever action for easy cutting - with little effort needed. Power Combination Pliers 8250 also come from the GEDORE power pliers range and are suitable for all wires. Both pliers can be ordered in the 180 and 200 mm sizes.

Featuring a slender head, the Swedish model 8314 Side Cutter is ideal for working in tight spots. It comes in the 140 and 160 mm size.

Clamping, gripping, bending and cutting work can be undertaken with the 8132 Bent Nose Telephone Pliers. The 8132 AB version - with angled tip – makes possible round-the-corner gripping.

Stripping Pliers 8098 with V-shaped cutting jaws are for plastic insulation stripping of single and multi-wired conductors. An adjusting screw stops any damage to the wire.

Circlip Pliers 8000 A 0 – A 2 and Circlip Pliers 8000 A 01 – A 21, which are also in the campaign, are for fitting external retaining rings. The fitting range is one from 3 – 60 mm.

Circlip Pliers 8000 J 0 – J 2 and 8000 J 01 – J 21 allow internal retaining rings of 8 -60 mm diameters to be fitted.

From the VDE tools segment, the campaign includes the VDE Side Cutter (VDE 8314 H) for medium-hard and hard wire and the VDE Power Side Cutter (VDE 8316 H) for hard and piano wire.

The VDE Power Combination Pliers (VDE 8250 H) are suitable for all wires and the toughest of continuous uses.

The straight VDE Bent Nose Telephone Pliers (VDE 8132 H) and the angled VDE Bent Nose Telephone Pliers (DVE 8132 AB H) are also included in our Jubilee campaign.

The VDE Wire Stripping Pliers (VDE 8098 H) with a cutting-depth adjustment for 0.8 - 6.0 mm2 wires and the self-adjusting VDE Wire Stripping Pliers (STRIP-FIX VDE 8099 H) for 0.5 – 5.0 mm2 wires are suitable for insulation stripping.

VDE Cable Shears (VDE 8094) are used for cutting multi-strand copper and aluminium cables up to a 20 mm diameter.

The extensive range is rounded off with the 7-fold adjustable VDE Universal Pliers (VDE 146).

These products are available through authorised trade dealers. www.gedore.com will lead you to your nearest GEDORE partner.